Fall on Campus

Fall on Campus

The return to campus is undoubtedly exciting, but especially so this semester, filled with new friendships, academic challenges, and countless opportunities. Fall on campus is not only filled with great scenery, but also is the perfect time to establish new routines too!

University of Illinois Student on Campus during Fall

Turn over a new leaf and make the most of the season by checking out these great tips and must-read advice for all college residents, especially those enjoying the privacy and community offered at Illini Chabad.

  1. Take It Outside: There’s no better time to enjoy the beautiful scenery around U of I’s campus than in the fall. A crisp fall breeze and backsplash of fiery fall leaves are calming enough to soothe any student stressed over upcoming exams or midterms. Grab a few friends and take a picnic blanket somewhere on campus. Or, join in on outdoor group activities, like ultimate frisbee to make new friends while.
  2. Festive Activities: If you’re a student who prefers the comfort of the indoors, rest assured—there’s plenty of fall fun around U of I, both in dorms and through Illinois RSOs. Invite some dorm-mates to have fun crafting festive fall drinks, like apple cider or DIY pumpkin spice coffee. The Suites at Illini Chabad have plenty of room in the spacious communal kitchen area for plenty fall-loving residents to have fun together.
  3. Power Up Studying Techniques: The start of any semester can be tumultuous—after all, it’s not easy balancing classes, diving into new Illinois activities, and staying on track of social events. However, by the time fall on campus comes around, it’s time to establish an effective routine. Especially for studying. Most courses have midterm exams right around the corner. As the seasons change, there’s no better time to change your study habits too!

Every season spent at U of I—and at the Illini Chabad Suites—provides University of Illinois students with a range of fulfilling activities, academics, and connections. Make this fall on campus a memorable (and productive) one! 

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