The Best Way to Enjoy Winter Break on Campus

The Best Way to Enjoy Winter Break on Campus

So you’re spending winter break on campus. Good news is, you’re not alone. Countless students spend the break between semesters rejuvenating in the comfort of their dorms. Learn how to make the most of your winter break at University of Illinois, your home away from home. 

Up the Dorm Room Ambiance: As the winter chill sets in, making your room as cozy as possible to combat the freezing temperatures is essential. Housing such as the Suites at Illini Chabad already offer spacious living areas and private, personal space. However, you can up the game by decking out your home with all the winter essentials; fuzzy blankets, a projector to watch Netflix series larger than ever, and a box of hot cocoa in the kitchen.

Connect with the Community: You’re not the only one staying on campus over winter break, so make the most of the opportunity to connect with others. Without the stress of studying or cramming for classes, winter break is the perfect time to catch up with friends—or make new ones! Illini Chabad is centrally located, making meeting friends from all across campus easy. Spend less time trekking in the cold and more time hanging out with your classmates.

Get a Start on the New Semester: That doesn’t mean just studying. Make sure that you’re fully refreshed for the next semester by catching up on sleep and relaxing to the fullest. Take this break to purchase any supplies you need, begin a new hobby, and head outside to explore the campus in a whole new way, minus the bustle of other students.

A winter break on campus can be just the chance you need to refresh, cozy up indoors, or connect with others. Get a vacation filled with great opportunities and lots of rest, right at the U of I. Then, after a much deserved break, you’ll be ready to jump right back into all of the University of Illinois action!

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