Frequently Asked Questions

Students must email a copy of their Financial Aid Awards Letter to Illini Chabad at or mail to 209 E Armory Avenue, Champaign, Illinois 61820 by June 15th. The Financial Aid office does not go directly to Illini Chabad. Regardless of Financial Aid status, it is still ultimately your responsibility to ensure Illini Chabad has been paid and that your account is in good standing. Financial Aid students use the semester payment plan, to ensure your balance with Illini Chabad is paid, as your funds will be distributed at the beginning of each semester. All Financial Aid recipients are obligated to make initial payments of $650 on July 1, $650 on August 1, and $650 on September 1, even though you may have not received your Financial Aid yet. These payments will be deducted from your balance owed to Illini Chabad, which must be paid in full by October 1.

Yes, please email to schedule an in-person tour.

No, students from all faith and non-faith traditions are welcome. Optional religious programs are available for those interested, along with social and educational programs to help students adjust to campus, academic and community life.

Unfortunately, no, please check with University parking to see what is available in the area. 

Based on your application and resident questionnaire we match on living habits, academic interests, etc., we make every attempt to match compatible suitemates. We will also try our best to accommodate requests to live with friends, if specified on the application. Chabad staff are available to assist with any suitemate issues that may arise throughout the year. If no remedy is found and space is available, we offer residents the option to move suites.

Yes, Illini Chabad will offer housing during scheduled University breaks for an additional fee.