Being Jewish at the University of Illinois

Being Jewish at the University of Illinois

Jewish life at UIUC is thriving, offering students a wide variety of engaging activities, campus resources, and welcoming residences to live. Be a part of the historic, constantly growing Jewish community center, here at the University of Illinois—and at the Illini Chabad.

Jewish Student Life at UIUC:

Curious about the University of Illinois Jewish Life student organizations and campus events? There’s plenty to keep you occupied. The Chabad Jewish Student Association plans semesters packed with social and academic opportunities, including classes and lectures, Friday Night Live! meetings, and support for Birthright Israel, among others!

University of Illinois Jewish Life Dining Options:

Hungry for a quick Kosher bite to eat between classes or after a study session? The U of I offers students countless different dining choices and weekly events to check out during the semester. If you’re a resident of Illini Chabad, unwind and chow down on our dining plan!

Of course, there are other great Jewish-friendly meal options, both on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods, for students to snack at. After all, a full stomach makes it easier to maintain a full, happy schedule!

Jewish Housing at UIUC: 

Be a part of a larger community on the University of Illinois’ campus with the premium Suites of Illini Chabad. Residents of the Chabad can enjoy the privacy of two-room, suite-style housing to focus on studying and refreshing, while still being connected with other members of the tight-knit community. 

Being Jewish at the University of Illinois means having access to diverse resources and a welcoming community to guide you through your university days. Join the ever-growing Jewish community at UIUC—and make your home at the Suits of Illini Chabad!

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