Celebrate Chanukah with the University of Illinois

Celebrate Chanukah with the University of Illinois

Celebrate this year’s Chanukah across campus by experiencing every event that U of I offers—from menorah lighting to dreidel games. There are more than enough hosted events, both throughout the university and the town, to make every day of Chanukah memorable and bring you closer to the University of Illinois community! 

Enjoy a different festivity every night, hosted by Illini Chabad, the premier Jewish housing community. Join every day of Chanukah at 8 pm for a new way to celebrate. Spin the dreidel surrounded by friends or savor the welcoming taste of latkes. A little celebration every night can create some unforgettable memories.

Plus, no Chanukah can be complete without a lit menorah. Illini Chabad has worked tirelessly to ensure that every Jewish student has the ability to safely lit menorah from their rooms in the Suite—and even provides students with a menorah of their own! For students living outside of Illini Chabad, don’t hesitate to reach out as well.

While the Suites of Illini Chabad host the widest range of Chanukah activities, other places also offer community events, such as: 

  • Campus-wide Chanukah lighting ceremonies
  • Special guest speakers
  • Chanukah Shabbat Dinner
  • The Chanukah Exchange Party
  • and plenty of other exciting Chankuh events!

Make Chanukahs spent away from family meaningful by surrounding yourself with the comfort and celebration of the Illini Chabad community! This will surely be a Chanukah filled with light, joy, and happiness!

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