How to Enjoy Campus During COVID

How to Enjoy Campus During COVID

COVID continues to impact our lives—especially our ones at campus. This semester, stay up to date with all of the latest protocols and learn how to live safely and healthily, without sacrificing your college experience. 

1. Get your booster. The University of Illinois requires all students to get their booster ASAP—that way you can get back to school and meet all your friends again worry-free. Dive right back into social activities with an immune system ready to tackle all. 

2. Start online for optimal safety. In order to protect everyone’s health and ensure a fantastic semester filled with social opportunities and enriching activities, the U of I will begin the first week of the spring semester online. 

3. Make your indoor space the social hot spot. Let’s face it—full-blown parties just aren’t the 2022 look. Spend more time with smaller groups of friends comfortably by hanging out in your housing. Dorms such as the Suites of Illini Chabad offer more than enough socializing space for when you want to avoid the crowds.

4. When in doubt, test. Experiencing any COVID symptoms? The U of I offers multiple testing locations for students to get quick and accurate COVID test results. With 7 different spots scattered all across campus, finding a convenient location near your dorm is easy.

By safely following the U of I’s COVID procedures, you can jump right back into the full college experience full of exciting different classes, student organizations, and social life. We’re all in this together, fully committed to making the most of our time at the University of Illinois.  And remember, be sure to check up on the latest protocols and COVID updates online!

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