How To Get Involved in Campus Activities and Make Lasting Friendships in College

How To Get Involved in Campus Activities and Make Lasting Friendships in College

One of the most exciting parts of college is getting involved with campus activities. There are countless Illinois groups that offer students ways to socialize while building skills and connections. Stay in welcoming housing suites such as the Illini Chabad, discover new opportunities, and get started on making unforgettable college memories after joining your new campus activity!

Live in University Housing

Living in a dorm is one of the best ways to make lifelong friends. With constant exposure to other students, it’s easy to learn all about new events and recruit housemates to join you in trying new clubs or activities. The Illini Chabad is one of the University of Illinois’ premier housing affiliates that offer residents a welcoming community with private rooms. 

Do Good and Get Involved

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding UIUC activities to help you get involved on campus. In fact, actively giving back can also give you great connections with your peers and new student organizations. If you’re interested in helping out your Illini community, you can check out more information on the Student Engagement website.

Try a New Club

College is the time to try new things! If you’ve ever wanted to begin a new hobby or join a new organization, there are countless Illinois activities for all U of I students to check out. Illinois RSOs have got something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in politics or publishing newspapers, checking out the long list of U of I groups is a great way to build real connections to other students at school. 


Of course, there are countless other ways to make a true connection to your college campus, such as by attending free campus events, playing intramural sports, tutoring, or even starting your own club! Whatever way you decide to get involved with campus activities, make it easy by living in the Suites at Illini Chabad — the perfect college housing for every U of I student. 

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