Welcome to Illini Chabad

Welcome to Illini Chabad

Forget everything you know about dorm living —the Suites at Illini Chabad are a completely new premier housing experience, available Fall 2021, that perfectly combine community and privacy into one complete package. Transform your dorm life into an upscale lifestyle with plenty of space to fit all of your belongings and personality.

UIUC offers countless housing and dorm options for students, each with their own unique benefits and aspects. For students seeking private-certified housing at the University of Illinois, nothing beats the Suites at Illini Chabad. One of the most recently constructed living spaces at UIUC, Illini Chabad residents can enjoy their studies and social lives while living in a spacious two-bedroom suite.

Make your housing arrangements more than just a place to stay — Illini Chabad is a private housing option that creates a tight-knit community among the residents. Instead of overwhelming students with dorm housing that packs together 100s of strangers, the capacity of the Illini Chabad is capped at a maximum of 36 students. Develop lasting friendships and build a family at your home away from home at the University of Illinois.

Don’t compromise on space and privacy just for a taste of the college experience. Students residing in the Illini Chabad suites can relax in a boutique-style private housing space that is equipped with modern affixations. Enjoy amenities like in-suite furniture, flat screen TVs, Wifi access, and student-focused lounge options —no other dorm housing can offer the same quality of services and full range of benefits.

Enjoy the stunning views of Washington Park and catch a glimpse of the Stadium from Illini Chabad’s top floor. The dorm is centrally located on the University of Illinois’s campus, making it easy to dash to classes or grab a bite from the dining hall without feeling cramped and crowded by dorm residential living. Easily access key campus spots such as the Union, the Quad, Memorial Stadium, academic buildings, and various recreational spaces without having to travel far from home.

Whether you’re looking for fully-furnished housing, a convenient location, a community of fellow students, or numerous different perks and amenities not found in other campus dorms, the Suites at Illini Chabad provide anything you could ever need for your private housing—and more. Experience everything you could have ever dreamed of for your college adventures at the premier new housing option at the University of Illinois, Illini Chabad!

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