What to do the summer before college:

What to do the summer before college:

Preparing for your first semester at the University of Illinois can be both exciting and overwhelming —after all, there’s so much to look forward to at the UIUC campus but so much to be done before arrival. Before starting your school semester, spend your summer in the countdown to college mixing careful preparation with a season of fun, sun, and jam-packed with unforgettable memories. Just make sure to carefully complete this checklist of essentials in order to ensure your best start to your college experience!

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  1. Prep Your Dorm Room

Now that you’ve registered at UIUC, selected your Illinois housing, and are preparing for all of the excitement that comes with college, it’s important to gather up all of your dorm room essentials before moving in. Storage, bedding, and office supplies are to a successful start, but it’s also important to search for decorations and unique items to personalize your space. 

Don’t worry if you forget something —the University of Illinois has countless different on-campus amenities and commercial stores to help you pick up any dorm room essentials you might require to have the perfect beginning to the semester. 

2. Take A Summer Trip With High School Friends

Starting your first semester at the University of Illinois is undoubtedly exciting, filled with countless different interesting courses, social opportunities, and chances to make lifelong connections. With the right type of Illinois housing and all of your college dorm room essentials, meeting new people is guaranteed. However, leaving your high school memories can be bittersweet. In the summer before starting college, take the time to adventure with all of your high school friends. Whether you go on a group road trip, gather for campfires, or just spend quality time together preparing for your separate university experiences, 

3. Do A Deep-Dive Into On-Campus Opportunities

UIUC offers a wide variety of enriching opportunities for students to socialize, learn, and grow. With so many different options (and so much going on during orientation), it can be occasionally overwhelming trying to decide exactly which groups, classes, or clubs you’re interested in taking advantage of. It’s a great idea to do some research into what the University of Illinois offers before stepping foot on campus come September. While there’s no need to decide everything before the summer ends, having a clear idea of your interests and goals ahead of time will help you be best prepared to excel at UIUC!


Your final summer before starting college is an exciting time —and your new adventures at the University of Illinois are guaranteed to be exciting too! So, make the most of your time and mix together fun, relaxation, and preparation. 

We can’t wait to start your UIUC experience together —see you soon!

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